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  1. Rodger says

    This may be a very broad question, but how does this apply to NYC’s stop & frisk procedures? They seem to approach it a tad… differently.

  2. Keiya says

    Ah yes, good ol DWB offenses. Driving While Black.

    • The technical term is “pretext stop,” but yeah. To an extent, these are the shadow of the strict liability offenses detailed in the Crim Law section: Everybody’s engaging in plenty of questionable/illegal activities, and it’s essentially arbitrary whether any particular individual gets busted. As a result, the police have an articulable justification of some variety for just about any basic stop if they’re so inclined. It’s typically for some low-level BS, not worth the cop’s time on its own, but it lets them act on their gut instincts without “officially” doing so. The issues with that are fairly obvious, but without some deeper statutory reform, there’s not much to be done about it outside of cases with truly flagrant abuse.

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