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  1. Tualha says

    So, is it legal for the police to set up a checkpoint and pull everyone over, then? Like sobriety checkpoints? Or to make sure everyone has their license and registration? That one happened to me once, in Ocala, FL.

    • What it’s legal for the police to do and what they will actually do are quite different things. Remember, the law doesn’t apply to the law.
      Oh sure, in theory you can fight it. Sue them. If you’re rich. And don’t mind losing.

  2. Michael Totton says

    I noticed in your stop strip, a Sherman tank, the Mystery Machine, the Mach 5 and the Adam West Batmobile. I’m sure their is one or two others I didn’t notice.

    • I’ll allow “tank”, but with that riveted, flat-sided turret, it’s not a Sherman – those all had cylindrical turrets.

      Between the turret and the boxy side-bits, it makes me think of a later Japanese tank like the Type 3 Chi-Nu… but I suspect the artist was just going for “tank”.

      …yes, I am a “World of Tanks” nerd, why do you ask? :P

  3. Jean Naimard says

    Wow! A Citroën Traction Avant!

    Good choice!

  4. WJS says

    Something about this rubs me the wrong way; he wasn’t going to bother with the turn, but decided to because he didn’t like how they looked? How exactly is that different from profiling?

    • It is definitely profiling. However, cops being prejudiced is not a reason to require them to ignore traffic violations.

    • Oh, he profiled them -hard-. It’ll be tough to prove though.

      And, honestly, why he waited for the turn is beyond me. Two guys hanging out the windows and obviously not wearing seat belts. . .

    • Of course it’s profiling, but it’s got a fig leaf in place. Pretext stops like this are derogatorily referred to as “DWB” or “Driving While Black” offenses for a reason. For once, I’m in complete agreement with your assessment of the situation, I don’t like the idea any more than you do, but that’s the reality right now.

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