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  1. Randy says

    Can we expect any future entries that detail Sam and Max’s approach to criminal procedure?

    • I would recommend either their original comics or Telltale’s multiple game adaptations of the duo. Both give you a very well-defined idea of “what they think is a crime” (basically, anything harming them in any way or anything they are said is evil by anyone looking to hire them, like the commissioner), “what they think they can do to gather evidence or approach a suspect” (anything), “what they think they can do to stop/arrest the people they think are guilty of crimes” (anything), and “what they think they can do to punish the people they catch” (anything).

  2. Jason says

    You have to love a vehicle that says to the onlooker “Warning: car full of criminals” and “Have a hap-hap-happy day!”

  3. Neil R says

    If there’s nothing wrong you can’t use the old excuse of “I just wanted to put my foot on a running board again” when it’s a Citroen.
    I want to drive on that highway where the DeSotos run free

  4. KW says

    Traffic stop protocols seem to change on occasion. Having everyone get out is something I haven’t seen in quite a while.

  5. Dhamon says

    Dammit kid, put on your ‘thority shades! and grow a mustache!

  6. WJS says

    First things first: unnecessarily extend the duration of the stop. We want as much time to shake these guys down as we can get.

  7. Aieou says

    I love that Sam and Max are just driving by in the DeSoto. I wonder where they’re driving to?

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