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  1. Protip: Shouting and making large gestures is not a recommended method of expressing oneself to the police.

    • I would also disrecommend throwing a rock at one and then running at him. Particularly alone on an otherwise quiet street at night.

    • Then again, perhaps law enforcement in Charlottesville, Va., should learn that the advice also works the other way around.

      • You mean the non-uniformed employees of a regulatory agency, 99% of whose job is merely enforcing laws against selling alcohol to minors, and who do so with badges and guns and overwhelming force tactics more suited to a military operation than a licensing inspection?

        I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Wahoo Wa CLAS ’92

        • Well, Nate…we can’t all be perfect. :)

          Hokie-hokie-hokie-hi, BSEE, BA ’97, MSEE ’00

          Seriously though, that was a hell of a story. It happened right on the heels of a Roanoke ABC agent threatening to pull (allegedly, according to an acquaintance) the liquor license of a bar and grill because they were to serve as the host for a charity poker tournament. Supposedly, the local commonwealth’s attorney had indicated to the group that they were in the clear, but nope…ABC runs the show, and what they wanted to do was “gambling”.

          Makes me glad I don’t drink.

  2. Neil R says

    “Push the button Max”

  3. Tualha says

    Very amusing line in panel 2 :)

  4. SPACKlick says

    They can always ask you to get out of the car, but what could they do if you refuse? Is it an arrestable offense to remain in the vehicle? I always prefer to engage through only a partially opened window when stopped.

    • You might want to re-think your preference.

      Only rolling the window down partway doesn’t do anything for you, but it could very easily increase the officer’s suspicion and concerns. Especially at night, when his flashlight is just going to reflect off the glass, he can’t see what’s going on in there, and can get legitimately concerned for his safety. Add to that the antagonistic attitude he could very well interpret from your actions — especially if you argue or get confrontational — and that routine traffic ticket can easily escalate into a much greater invasion of your privacy. Is that what you wanted?

      As for refusing the officer’s order to get out, it’s a lawful command. Many states make it a crime to refuse a lawful order of an officer, so they could arrest you for that. But even in states where it’s not a crime, you are again increasing the officer’s suspicion and concern, and that’s only going to make things worse for you.

      And that’s presuming the cops act strictly according to the law. You may be surprised to learn it, but there are officers out there who may exceed their lawful authority, especially in a “contempt of cop” situation. In which case, you’re gonna have a bad time.

      A little common sense goes a long way. When pulled over, it’s best to be polite, non-threatening, and keep your damn hands in sight at all times. [Soon we will be covering the kinds of things you CAN lawfully refuse (respectfully, of course).]

      • You assume that the partially open window comes with an antagonistic attitude but it never does. Rule one is be polite courteous and clear.

        If the officer asks me to roll the window down because he can’t see for the glare, the window goes down until he can see, same if he says he can’t hear me for traffic noise.

        When you say “Lawful Order” what precisely do you mean?

        • That the officer is fully justified / permitted by the law to make the request.

          • And since people have no way of knowing what is/isn’t a lawful order, it means “whatever he damn well tells you to do”.

  5. DaveP. says

    At this point, I would like to recommend Chris Rock’s presentation entitled, “How Not To Get Beat Down By The Police”.

  6. Bob Loblaw says

    It’s nice the gangstas invited a British friend over to play.

  7. Aieou says

    “This is some right balderdash, my good man.” Cracked me up.
    Also, what’s going on in the background of the first panel? Wacky Races?

    • Wacky? That is The Great Race. The Great Leslie vs. Professor Fate (and a few other competitors, most of whom don’t even have names), New York to Paris by way of Arctic ice and Prisoner of Zenda. One of my favorite film comedies for the pie fight alone.

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