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  1. Alectric says

    Shouldn’t they tell them the reason they stopped them in the first place?

    • Maybe, but my experience has been that they will just make up any old thing to justify their stop. Failure to use turn signal, weaving within your lane (drunk?), a dent in your fender (hit and run?). Worse they actually can get away with it. The guy that made the outburst is lucky he didn’t get shot. Several times.

    • I’m pretty sure they don’t have to tell you why they’ve stopped you. If they arrest you, the writ of habeas corpus requires that they show cause before a court for holding you, but they typically have up to twenty-four hours before they have to charge you with anything or release you. If they’ve just stopped you, I don’t think they’re under any obligation to tell you why.

      • As a bonus, if you’ve stopped them and haven’t told them why, they may apologize or start making excuses for something you didn’t even know about!

  2. WJS says

    I thought the standard was that they can search if they’re concerned about imminent danger, not potential danger?

    • A guy aggressively approaching an officer with his hands up in a threatening position while yelling counts as an imminent danger, much to the displeasure of “folks” like Shirou and other commenters on this blog (pretty much in their mind an officer needs to have a bullet hole or a broken bone before taking action).

      • Yeah, and I was talking about searching the car because they were afraid that they might get shot in half an hours time when they let them get back in – if they do let them get back in. Half an hour ain’t “imminent”.

  3. Aieou says

    What kind of city do these cops live in? Crossover Town?

  4. LookielouE1707 says

    In theory, he could ram you with his car immediately after getting inside it, so you’re not really safguarding yourself this way.

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