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  1. Anonymous says

    …And it turns out to be a bag of candy and an insulin needle?

      • Yes, they do.
        Someone who is diabetic is best advised to have an emergency stash of candy. Why?
        Insulin is necessary to combat HYPERglycemia, or high blood sugar. (Diabetes is the disease that either causes the body to stop producing Insulin itself (Type I) or to have a resistance to the insulin (Type II)).
        However, in both cases HYPOglycemia can occur, which is severely LOW blood sugar. This is mostly caused by complications when using insulin (which causes the sugar from the blood to be absorbed into the cells). Hypoglycemia can cause seizures, unconsciousness, ataxia, dizzyness, etc. Not good things to have when driving a car, they can cause accidents.
        One quick emergency fix for hypOglycemia is candy. It quickly boosts the blood sugar level.
        Therefore many diabetics have “emergency candy” in their car.

  2. KK says

    Reading this current in progress section makes me wonder about those under the legal age. AKA, juvenile(I hope I have that spelled right). Of course, I’m curious beyond the arrest and stop as well. Will there a section devoted completely to juvenile processing?

  3. Jeff says

    So if the driver had just kept his cool and not started flailing at the officers, the cops wouldn’t have had any justification to frisk him, which meant they also wouldn’t have had any justification to frisk the car, so they wouldn’t have been able to legally discover the drugs. Right?

    Seems like a great argument for staying polite when talking to cops.

  4. Peter says

    You would be highly surprised about how much trouble insulin needles can bring. My girlfriend has had the police called on her numerous times because she has needed to give herself an injection in public. And yes them and candy CAN go together. A little bit too much insulin and now your blood sugar is too low. You eat a piece of candy to help it. Though in Nathan’s defense candy and pills look nothing alike, even extacy pills.

  5. WJS says

    Hello, pretext; bye-bye, good-faith.

  6. Ken S. says

    There weren’t enough jokes in the SUV. I’m very disappointed.

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