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  1. Mshell says

    I thought you were going to tell us about letting police into part of the house. What happens when you let the police into the entry area (say ground floor of a 2 story flat) and they want to search a different part? What about a sublet room in the house that is locked and the owner does not have access to? What about being let in by someone other then the owner?

  2. Alectric says

    Can they also lie about what rights you have? If you decline their request, and then they lie and say that they have a right to go through with it, you’re not given much of a choice in the matter.

  3. mark ifi says

    got to love that cocaine sign.

  4. Tualha says

    Not quite sure what they mean in that first lie – are they implying that they’ll just take the stolen property back, no questions asked and no charges filed?

  5. Michael Totton says

    So if I understand things correctly, a law enforcement officer IS allowed to lie to you, but YOU aren’t allowed to lie to a law enforcement officer conducting an investigation without being charged. That seems like a double standard that is very wrong. Comments?

  6. Liam says

    Did anyone else notice the reference in the second example to a previous comic? Because now I want to know if the first one is also a callback.

  7. WJS says

    This is two separate things though. Obviously an undercover cop has to be able to lie; nobody is going to think it’s reasonable to require them to say they’re a cop and get their balls shot off, even if they don’t think undercover cops should be a thing. But there’s no reason whatsoever to apply the same standards to uniformed officers. It seems to be quite reasonable to me that a cop in uniform should be expected to be honest.

  8. Aieou says

    “…and on the left, you will find cocaine, and on the right is our heroin. Oh, and as the framed picture above the fruit bowl reminds us, ‘Welcome to Drugs.’ “

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