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  1. pingo1387 says

    “Ahab a Dream”. I love that.

  2. Jason says

    If that album found its way into the Alumni Store…people would forget who Gates and Buffett were. I’m just saying.

  3. Andrew Farrell says

    Can hip-hop whaling songs please exist?

  4. voyager1713 says

    Reminds me of Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew. A pirate themed hip-hop band.

  5. Gangsta whala says

    Hey, us Gangsta Whalers deserve more respect!

  6. Alectric says

    “The less said about what just happened, the better.” That implies that the officers were trying to be sneaky, and don’t stand by their actions. Weren’t you trying to argue against this before?

    • You may be right – it’s likely, in fact. But this requires at least a marginally cynical reading of events, and not one that suggests the sheer comic effect of the events that transpired.

      I for one would not want to have to elaborate upon the discovery of a cache of gangsta whalin’ CDs…well, anywhere, with anyone. Still – this doesn’t negate what I said about Nate making Rockefeller look like a pauper if he got them in the alumni store. “Find a niche, and fill it.”

    • I think you’re reading too much into it. They’re not trying to be sneaky — they didn’t violate the Fourth Amendment, and the senior cop does say they could have issued the ticket.

      But even though it was lawful, he’s still a bit mortified. He’d rather not make a big deal out of it, and maybe have to tell that story in court. (Though it will probably be told many times over beers, at the rookie’s expense.)

      And I bet he also kinda feels that issuing a ticket at this point would have been a dick move.

      • So if a cop sees someone commit a crime (maybe a minor one, like an illegal turn, but a crime nonetheless) he does not have the duty to report it? They can choose to let it go?

        • Technically they probably do, but obsessive law enforcement by police can get the boss fired in a functional republic/democracy. They also usually “fix” tickets written out to family members of law officers, so over looking a minor crime can and does happen all the time. It is a bad Idea to count on it though.

        • Cops don’t have to give you a ticket or arrest you, no. And it happens a lot – cops issue warnings instead of tickets all the time, they tell someone to stop doing something illegal instead of arresting them for it, they break up a fight and instead of arresting the brawlers, just separate them, let them cool off and maybe drive them home.

          This is the probably the main reason why you should be polite and respectful to police officers. Could mean the difference between a ticket or a warning, or between an arrest and a “Don’t do that again”.

          I’m not sure how far that power of discretion goes, though. I’m pretty sure Nathan will get to it eventually.

          • The objective of a police officer (hopefully) isn’t to get arrests or issue tickets or raise money with fines, it is to promote public safety.
            So if they think a warning will make someone straighten up, they will use it. If they think you need a ticket to “learn your lesson” then they will write one.
            So if the first thing you do is apologize and either admit fault, or ask what you did wrong, then you stand a better chance of getting a warning (ironically).
            Likewise, most customer complaints are mollified by the company apologizing, admitting blame, and asking how they can fix it-in contrast to what lawyers advised for years.

      • So if a cop sees someone commit a crime (maybe a minor one, like the illegal turn, but a crime nonetheless) they can choose to ignore it?

  7. Dr. Calamity says

    If I write a bunch of Hip Hop Whaling songs, can I please use the name “Bob Marlowe and the Whalers”?

  8. SnowFire says

    A precognitive glance at the inescapable future of sea shanties in 2021 back from 2014 (or whenever this came out originally).

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