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  1. Alectric says

    I’ve never heard of a sobriety checkpoint. That seems a bit much.

      • I’ve been pulled over by a few, generally as a random check. I don’t drink or do drugs but if I did the odds would favor my having a record by now.

        & yes, I have seen drunk stops along the interstate before.

    • Where I am, they’re generally only around during major alcohol consumption days at times that people are bound to be coming home from parties and pubs — St. Patrick’s, Independence, New Year’s, graduation at the local college, etc.

  2. Blaise Pascal says

    I’m guessing Jake has some contraband that Blue doesn’t know about.

    But if Blue doesn’t know about it, then they aren’t high or drunk, and the police won’t know about it at a sobriety checkpoint unless he does something stupid. Unfortunately, he looks panicked enough to do something stupid.

  3. Jason says

    I bet squee-face ADA eats at “OMGTacos!” and makes that same face.

    If I ever own a Thai restaurant, I will pay you to let me call it Thai1On.

  4. Alex says

    Just wondering, couldn’t the location of a DUI checkpoint be arbitrary? Thus making it illegal under the 4th Amendment?

    • Stopping motorists without probable cause is either acceptable or not, why would the location matter?

  5. Legion says

    ….aaaaaannnnd now I have a crush on someone who drives a VW bug.

  6. WJS says

    His problem is that he’s a moron…

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