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  1. Tualha says

    I’m not sure what’s freaking Jake out, but he sure is an idiot. Whatever he thinks the cops are going to catch, they would have been much less likely to notice it if he’d just kept his cool. Which makes me think maybe he’s on some drug that’s impairing his judgment…

  2. WilliamCA says

    Mr. Burney i would like to thank you for creating this comic. It is well done and explains the law and the legal system to those of us who have no understanding of the legalese typically employed by those in law enforcement and the courts. I hope you will continue to make this comic for everyone and i hope its gets published and sells well. In this day and age we need people like you as the law gets more and more complex.

    • Thank you, William, I really appreciate it!

      I think this stuff should be taught to everyone in high school, not just in law schools and police academies. It’s too important. And more and more, it’s affecting all of us. That’s why I’m doing this — to make the information more accessible to everyone.

      I’d love to see the books take off, too! It would be my dream for them to be made available to high school students. (Hint hint, any wealthy benefactors reading this…) So far, my royalties have paid for an upgrade from a Bamboo to a Cintiq, and the occasional beer, which isn’t so bad — but not enough to launch a real marketing campaign.

      Thanks again, you made my day!

  3. WJS says

    She’s nowhere as stupid as he is of course, but she really should just ignore him rather than arguing with him.

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