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Join the conversation! There are now 10 comments on this chapter's page 79. This Can’t Be Happening. What are your thoughts?
  1. Jason says

    I think it’s happening.

  2. The more I tried to draw that pot, the more it looked like julienned vegetables. I know it looks totally wrong, but I had to move on. I may come back and fix it one day.

    • There are bigger problems in life – especially for a former prosecutor – than not being able to draw a bag of pot well.

      (Cue all of the people who have…ahem, “experience” with pot chiming in with “advice.”)

  3. Jason says

    This might be a repeat, but I take it the lesson learned is that if everyone involved had just gone with the flow (and the baggie had stayed in the car) then none of this would have happened. Patty would have known why Jake was freaking out if she could have smelled pot on Jake; this suggests that she couldn’t, which in turn suggests that the cops wouldn’t have it either.

  4. “They’re smuggling pureed skunk! Get the rubber gloves…”

  5. Yommy Rawr says

    Yeesh, just dump it on the ground and let them go.

  6. Larry says

    I know that the penalties for littering have been getting tougher, but this seems a bit extreme to me =P

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