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  1. Jonathon says

    I was hoping for a different crime than narcotics. If the house had been a brothel that would have been a nice change of pace.

    • Yeah, I am sick of drug stuff as well. Hence the label on the box: “OMG DRUGS, HOW ORIGINAL.” But it really suited this page’s eventual purpose best, so I sighed a little and went with it. The good news is I think I can finish out the rest of crim pro without another drug example.

      A classy old-timey brothel would have been fun to draw, though.

  2. Eric says

    Did they just abandon the chase on the gunman to arrest some drug users?

    • well there is some question as to whether the girl they are arresting is the girl they were chasing…
      one came in from the back, one came in the front, so where the girl went they were chasing…who knows but she is likely still in the house.

      • I think they both came in through the front. The second one just stopped to grab the discarded weapon first.

        The open glass door in the last panel implies to me that the motorbike lady may have left the building.

        • hmm now that i look at it, it does seem that way.
          i was confused by the fact that in one frame he stopped at the door and in the next frame he was somewhere else and another guy was at the door so i assumed he was still at the door and the new guy circled around back and came in through the open back door, but looking closer it’s clearly not the case.

    • With the quantity on the table, I suspect more than simple possession/usage. Seems like dealers preparing their stock to me

      • Who gives a damn? In what universe is that of comparable severity to someone who was shooting at them?

  3. Raen says

    You’d think he’d want to restrain the guy first… that or keep after the crazy person.

    That is a LOT of coke. At least it wasn’t Alvy Singer who ran in.

  4. A nice tanget, or alternative, would be for the cop to get shot coming through the door. We actually had a similar case in Florida (more than 20 years ago), back when “no-knocks” were popular, where they cops had the wrong address. The homeowner shot and killed one of them. The government, of course, prosecuted, but thankfully the homeowner was acquitted.

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