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Join the conversation! There are now 6 comments on this chapter's page 95. Hot Pursuit. What are your thoughts?
  1. Are police allowed to ignore ALL laws and constitutional requirements while in “pursuit?”

    • Well, I am pretty confident that they can’t mow down the crowd you’re hiding in, or torch your house rather than chase someone inside, or torture bystanders for information on which way he went… so I’d say no.

      They can speed to keep up with a perp, though, stuff like that. Otherwise, their job would be pretty hopeless.

  2. Chris Katko says

    Can they enter a LOCKED private third-party dwelling? And how sure must they be that the suspect entered the dwelling?

    What if they did the movie classic “kick in every door down the hallway of the apartment complex” searching for the guy?

    • Look at #3 in the last panel. They have to have GOOD REASON to think that the perp is inside the part they wish to enter. If they are randomly kicking down doors, then they are probably far from having “good reason.”

      If the door is locked, then refer to #3 again. The ony thing I can think of is that the perp decided that he could slam the door in the cop’s faces and lock it to keep them busy(YMMV to how EFFECTIVE this is). If so, the cops can kick in the door. Hot pursuit, after all. If the door is locked, but they only “think” that he “could” be there… maybe? It would really depend…

  3. Antifinity says

    The connection (forward and back) between this page and previous one appears to be broken for me and a friend I asked to test it.
    Thanks for the great comic!

  4. Sam says

    So… cops cannot chase me into a house if I’m fleeing from a minor crime?

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