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  1. Craig! says

    Reminds me of every conversation I’ve ever had with my parents.

  2. This is something that can happen more often than you would think. The thought process is “If the cops are questioning me, I must have done -something- wrong!”.

    • And that’s the wrong assumption. If the Police questions me, they did something wrong! And you better don’t give them any further ideas. But I hope we will get further into the right to remain silent when they can take your silent as being guilty ( If I understand the comment about Salinas v. Texas from the last Comic correctly)

    • Last year, Czech TV broadcasted a 9-episode series about the history of Czechia/Czechoslovakia called “The Czech Century”. it begins with 1918 and the founding of Czechoslovakia, then jumps immediately to the Munich Agreement of 1939 and the World War II, and after that come 3 episodes about the communist regime (1948 – 1989). During the peak of communist oppression, Czechoslovak high-ranking communists have a conversation with Soviet communists, asking “How do you make those prisoners always confess?”
      And the soviets respond by explaining their method.
      1. They put the accused into jail, but DON’T TELL HIM WHAT HE’S ACCUSED OF.
      2. Then they subject the accused to all the psychically deprivatory methods, like lack of sleep, torture, solitary confinement, and whenever they stop, they just say: “This can all end, you know, if you just tell us what you did…”
      3. Eventually, the mind begins to fabricate theories which could justify the horrible things they are going through.
      4. And that’s when they put the person on trial, where they just confess to treason, and can be executed in a seemingly fair trial.

  3. If police are questioning me, then SOP=

    1: The police made an honest mistake;
    2: The police are committing a felony.
    either way they have some explaining to do.

  4. Dhamon says

    So, when do we go all Clockwork Orange and pry his eyes open while forcing him to watch Barney and Friends?

  5. STM says

    Mind Field episode in which the host attempts to induce false confessions: [link]

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