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  1. Should have taken a lessen from the previous reign. Maybe gotten a tank or something.

  2. Micah says

    The Union flag used in the bottom right is slightly anachronistic, being used only as a naval jack until the act of Union 1707.

    • Good eye! But it was a conscious choice.

      If we’re going to get into this level of detail, then I shouldn’t have had anyone waving the flag in the first place — it wasn’t really something people did back then.

      It does get the point across to a modern audience, though (I hope). In which case, I had my choice of the St. George’s Cross which the army was still using, or the Union flag of 1606 that was (as you point out) being used at sea. The Union flag is more recognizable — especially to American readers — being more similar to the modern Union Jack, and so it was an easy choice.

      I thought the comments would be more along the lines of “You forgot the red X,” to be honest. So again, well spotted!

      • It’s my general observation that people who engage in creative endeavors (writing and art primarily) don’t always get the hang of the trade-off that should exist between “accuracy” and “making a point.” Certainly, one should be accurate when one’s point is to report. But when we’re talking about an effort to express a point…well, that’s why such a thing as artistic license exists.

        So kudos, Nate.

        • TIL that Nate is short for Nathan. It’s not really a name I’ve noticed anyone in this country having so it’s just never occurred to me before.

          • I’m still just Nathan, though. I’ve never gone by “Nate” or “Nat.” If you were to call me either of those in real life, it wouldn’t bother me, but I would be confused, thinking you were talking to someone else.

            But if you’re my mother and you’re pissed at me, then you’ll call me “Nathaniel.” That’s my real name, and it’s the only time I ever hear it.

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