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  1. Jason says

    Coming up in the distance…America!

  2. Andrew M. Farrell says

    It is worth noting that this was around when the English Civil War was happening.

  3. KW says

    “What good are rights if you don’t know you have them?”

    Um, how long did it take for the USA to get the Miranda rule?

    And, this seems like a good answer to that previous discussion about strikers being arrested for blocking a bridge, when they weren’t aware that they weren’t permitted to do so.

    • or ever intended to do so. Where did it say they were going to stay on the bridge. In the picture you can see city hall or whatever on an island on the other side of the bay.

      • That wasn’t about not knowing your rights. It was about ignorance of the law, which is not an excuse. And apparently blocking the bridge with foot traffic at all was illegal, regardless of how long they intended to stay there.

        That part of the situation wasn’t presented with much nuance, since it wasn’t the point, so we can’t know what they should or shouldn’t have been expected to know. However, as a general rule, if you’re attending a civil protest of that nature, it should go without saying that you don’t have the right to block entry or passage to or through public places, which protesters have at times tried to do.

        • So, 10,000 pages of federal law:
          The 2015 edition, Volume 6, Page 25, line 13: Which sub-section is it?
          Well, I’ll even settle for what it’s talking about.

          Ignorance of the law cannot be an excuse for obvious, normal things: E.G.: Murder. Building a bomb in an apartment building. Rape. Killing someone’s pet. Breaking into someone else’s home.

          But not knowing the tax code, say? I’d give that a pass. (Despite my bias: every few years or so, someone has the bright idea to have experts write up tax returns. They ask three experts, they get three DIFFERENT returns, from professionals. Note that not reporting income doesn’t apply; misclassifying it, maybe. )

          “Ignorance” of the law IS an excuse, actually, when the whole purpose of the law is to confuse, misdirect, and protect those in power. And when even LAWYERS, who go to school, can get it “wrong” (They may not be wrong, it might be decided on appeal that they did something “wrong.”) Mnd, that’s only FEDERAL law. State, Local, and Town laws can all be different from one to another, and often are. E.G., gun permits. (Ignore the gun issue, focus on the permitting rules.) In New York City? Forget it, unless you’re the anointed like the Mayor – who also has armed security at all times. In Kansas, it’s “What permit?”
          (General response, Kansas City KS is different again…)

          How would you know you cannot own nunchuks in Massachusetts unless you looked it up? Or that you cannot have a boa constrictor (sold at local pet stores. Legal to sell, but not legal to own without special permit. Like Dwarf russian Hamsters aren’t legal to own in New Jersey, without a special permit. But you can get a few hundred long or short-haired hamsters of other varieties, no problem.
          Did you know it’s illegal to “have relations” with a cow in Massachusetts? That it IS legal to marry your sister in (IIRC) West Virginia? (I don’t know the details, but it might be an allowance for “integrated” families, where they are actually not blood related. Or maybe not. But it’s been defined as LEGAL in some cases, anyway…)

          “Ignorance is no excuse” was OK when the laws focused on protecting basic human and property rights. Now that we are all slaves on the tax plantation, and the objective is to extract money from us? You CAN’T know the law, or how it applies – because you’re not SUPPOSED to. You’re supposed to break some statute, get a ticket, pay the ticket, maybe go to prison (so you lose rights, sometimes permanently), and you become a ward of the state (including on parole, when a pig can kick in your door when they want to to make sure you’re meeting terms of parole. Including 3 AM with SWAT. “Because.” )

          And then there’s the problem that piggy is now allowed to “believe” that “X” is a law, and as long as he acted “in good faith,” BELIEVING the law was as he articulated, everything’s OK, and anything found in his search is admissible. E.G., officer thought you had to have BOTH headlights working, so he demanded to search the car, found drugs. Search stands even though he violated the law (it states you need to have at least one functional headlight). But he HONESTLY BELIEVED it was TWO functioning headlights, and therefore, he had PC to search the car. (I.E., it was bullshit by a “LawNOrder” judge to make sure the evil druggie paid for his sins. Rights be damned. And it was decided that way by SCOTUS – who has also decided cops have no duty of care to protect us, or to risk their lives. )

          Besides, do you actually KNOW it’s illegal to have a lawn longer than 6″? Or that it’s illegal to NOT immunize your cat against Influenza? To have a Dwarf Russian Hamster? To have a milk snake? To take a stone from the riverbed of a national park? To pick up a feather in a national park and remove it from the park?
          To remove the catalytic converter from your exhaust? To change out the ECU of your car? TO REFUSE VACCINATIONS (which YOU must pay for)? It’s a “public Health Issue.” (Your unvaccinated child is somehow a threat to those who have been vaccinated, and should thus be immune – except the recent vaccines don’t work, NFG. They DO contain known toxins and poisons, however – formaldehyde, thimerosol – contains mercury…. Right now, if the filling in my tooth were dropped in Lake Quanapowitt, with NO OTHER contaminants – they’d close the lake. But it’s legal to force us to use CFL bulbs, and get metal amalgam fillings…)

          Law is a set of liars arguing who can make a more convincing lie based on prior fictions of the system – which, if these fictions don’t meet the judge’s confirmation bias, will be ignored. (With apologies to the author, though I expect he’d confirm it’s a kabuki theater, generally.)

          • No, unvaccinated children are a threat to those who are too young to be vaccinated, or have medical conditions where they cannot be vaccinated or the vaccination doesn’t take.

            Formaldehyde is produced and used naturally by the body.

            Thiomersal is no longer used for child vaccines except in some flu shots — there is a nasal mist available instead. And that’s assuming that there’s even a problem with it. Elemental mercury is a known poison, but that doesn’t automatically mean that molecules containing mercury are also poisonous. Phosphorus is a good example; our bodies need it, but it’s a poison in its pure form.

          • Oh man, this comment. It started out so well! I was like, yeah, hell yeah, all these ridiculous laws nobody could reasonably know about or reasonably predict! And then there was calling cops “piggy” and I’m like, OK, that’s inflammatory and unnecessary, but whatever, OK. And then… ughhh, a bunch of wildly stupid anti-vaxxer nonsense to just massively undermine the whole thing.

            It’s really too bad, because there’s a legit argument at the top of the comment.

          • “And it was decided that way by SCOTUS – who has also decided cops have no duty of care to protect us, or to risk their lives.”

            1. Why should police have a duty to protect (individuals)? That implies that you can deliberately grievously insult your neighbor, then holler for the police to protect you. The police are there for law enforcement, not personal protection.

            2. If YOU were a police officer, would YOU appreciate being told that you MUST risk your life for someone else, someone who could be a serial killer, etc.? I’m sure your spouse and kids would have something to say about that also. Joining the police isn’t the same as joining the military.

          • Oh, wow. This started off well and then derailed quickly.

            Let’s see. To tackle the “good faith” thing, first, is its basically a test of the officer’s mental state, and if they were acting reasonable in their actions, in accordance with law, policies, and procedures. It’s a “moving target” because what’s reasonable changes over time as society learns, and its something you want officers to be in dealing with the public. It’s why they’re expected today to be first responders in an emergency situation, to de-escalate situations when possible, and be trained in mental health to some degree, etc.

            Second, as for the headlight issue, you should be able to look up the driving regulations in your state, or ask a cop, or, maybe, just maybe, not have consented to a search because the cop “demanded” you, because without a warrant, not much they can do, legally, unless you consent. Maybe also don’t traffic drugs without making sure your car is fully functioning and road-worthy first. Police can’t just pull you over for a random search unless you commit a traffic violation to allow them to do so, first.

            As for the others, well, have some responsibility and take care of your lawn. Maybe do some research before adopting a pet or exotic pet. Apply come common sense to “taking a stone out of a national park”. Like, what if everyone did that? The damage would add up rather quickly.

            Do you even know what catalytic converters are for? As for the ECU, I’m going to guess this is less to do with changing out one that got fried and more wanting to boost performance at the expense of the environment, so, again, maybe a little critical thinking is needed on that one.

  4. WJS says

    Heh. Old English Lord looks so happy at the start there.

  5. Charles B says

    I am loving this sooo much, I’ve already learned a lot… but imma be that guy because I know something cool.

    It’s not “ye Olde witness stand”, it’s “Þe Olde witness stand.” That character is called Thorn and it’s pronounced “th” :)

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