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  1. Kevin says

    Some friends of mine and I do tabletop roleplaying. I wound up in a police interrogation very similar to this. Because it is all psychological it works surprisingly well even when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home. You feel a strong pressure to agree to something just so the other person will stop talking. I ‘resisted’ successfully, but I was not actually held for 6 hours, and stewing over something the whole time (our suspect probably did something unwise if not actually illegal if he has been pulled in like this). Because of the absence of physical coercion it looks legit, but I could easily see a weak willed person confessing wrongly to something because of this technique.

  2. beezee says

    The booze is sentenced to fifteen years for first degree rape.

  3. LDD says

    In the “Law & Order” franchise alone, I estimate there has been just over one solid week, 24/7, of nothing but this interrogation scene repeated in various episodes. Who wants to do the supercut?

  4. Wow. says

    We need a flowchart / poster of this, please.

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