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There are now 12 comments on pg 51. Think of the Children!.
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  1. Robert Montrose says

    Was going to say, is this supposed to be a parody of the South Park film?

  2. Longwalker says

    All webcomic artists are spineless scum with the sole and heinous motive of lining their pockets by corrupting our perfectly innocent children with their abominable infinite canvas. Down with webcomics. Down with all free digital graphico-textual composites. Support local lumber; buy print!

  3. Bob Loblaw says

    If sugar and the Irish are to blame, we better get a ban on Lucky Charms, immediately!

  4. WJS says

    It’s not the main point of this example, but I can’t help think about the first panel, and how probably the best way to get yourself convicted is to film yourself committing a crime and posting the video online. Such a “crime wave” would not tax law enforcement that much, I would think.

    Incidentally, apparently spellcheck doesn’t think “online” is a word (or “spellcheck” for that matter). Who writes the dictionaries for these things?

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