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Join the conversation! There are now 28 comments on this chapter's page 70. Questions for the Doctor. What are your thoughts?
  1. Jeff says

    The good doctor’s Hungarian, then.

  2. pgrmdave says

    I’m surprised that someone as smart as the Doctor isn’t simply refusing to answer any questions and insisting on a lawyer.

    • MIT grad here. “Smart” people are sometimes spectacularly dumb, especially when you remove them from situations they are used to.

        • Mensan here, thirded.

          Worse, intelligent people are often quite susceptible to hubris. It’s why there is an important difference between intelligent and cunning.

            • Fellow Aspie! And there’s a reason one of the favorite sayings of the teachers at the high school I went to was ‘Intelligence is inversely proportional to common sense.’

            • I would more say “intelligence and common sense are not directly proportional.” Smart people can be cunning, and stupid people can be, well, stupid. Being reational and insightful in a stressful situation does not tell you anything about a person’s intelligence…

  3. JZ says

    I must say, “bazmeg” is an excellent word. Maybe even better than “smeg.”

    • It is actually correctly spelled as “bazdmeg” or rather “bazd meg”.

      “Bazd” more or less is similar to the English F-world, here mered indicating that it should be second person singular (Hungarian is an Agglutinative language that relies on suffixes to indicate grammatical nuances) . The “meg” is roughly means “it” in the swear’s context, or more accurately it usually refers to the subject of conversation.

      A off-topic note: Hungarian doesn’t really have more swear words than English, it’s just that Hungarians use them more.

  4. beezee says

    Now I’m wondering if you can use that as evidence in court.

  5. Jon says

    Oh huh. This is the same job that we covered earlier! In which case, yeah, the cop has little idea what he’s talking about, or the fact that the robbery has…

    Presumably happened already?

    • This could be earlier – back when Synthcore was brought in for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Maybe that warning is why the manager was more on the ball about sending the guard back to his station.

      Also, Dr. Synthcore only met the guy who was coordinating the job and doesn’t know about the others.

      • I doubt it is the same job. Dr. Synthcore is basically a freelance specialist. At any given time he probably has a few projects he is consulting on.

        I would imagine he lays the groundwork plan out a few months ahead and notes down what contingencies they have to be ready for, then the criminal agents go in and gather more data and resources, and from that point forward he gets involved every time an adjustment needs to be made.

        People work like that in businesses all over the world. And Organized Crime is just business.

        • It actually IS the same job, because the guy who was casing the bank for him was Bob Chase (who was also involved in that particular Conspiracy, if you look back at the archives).

          • Dr. Synthcore independently contracted Bob Chase to inspect the bank. While it is reasonable to consider that this could be about the same crime, if Dr. Synthcore hired Bob to assess one bank, it stands to reason this is a skill of Bob’s and Dr. Synthcore makes regular use of it.

  6. Oh for crying out loud, Jeff. Now look who you’ve summoned!
    death of rats... SQUEAK!

    I sure hope this doesn’t affect the story.

      • The resident, in the larder, with a mousetrap…
        “Yes I did it, and I’d do it again! HA HA Ha ha ha..”

        Reminds me of a certain Far Side, actually.

        Oh, and bragging. There’s networking, but I think this leads to not working. Unless he feels he needs a few months vacation and refresher courses at Con U.

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