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Join the conversation! There are now 15 comments on this chapter's page 71. Grill, Interrupted. What are your thoughts?
  1. Rufus Shinra says

    Heh, looks like they didn’t know beforehand about the operation, after all

  2. Mark C says

    Hmm, he never really answered the questions, just had some chit chat that *could* be related to the topic at hand. I wonder if, considering he knows why he’s there, it could be an admission of guilt *in context*. It can certainly be used in a court of law, but how effective it is depends on what the Jury will believe.

    • The point of an interrogation is usually to get a signed and initialed confession. So I think that the police officer was being sincere when he told Dr. Synthcore that they would continue this another time and that the statements he just made would only be used in court as a last resort on the part of the prosecution.

  3. Y. Exeter says

    I suppose this means we’ll see a colorized criminal caper at the bank? Or just the getaway?

    • Can we skip the dead baby this time? Then I can pretend he was rescued by a time traveler who showed up to right what once went wrong.

  4. Robert Montrose says

    Interesting note: the Doc is attempting to peer through the one-way glass. These work by having the image from one side of the pane washed out by the reflection from the other. This is done by keeping the interrogation room much brighter than the observation room. By going up to the window and using his hand as a visor, he cuts down on the reflection, the Doc can get a glimpse at the observation room.

    In case others didn’t pick up on that.

            • 1) Try to do it just by coloring how it ought to look.
              2) Fail.
              3) Mess around with different layers and adjusting opacity.
              4) Fail.
              5) Awaken demon Thoth-Akatash.
              6) The horror.
              7) So many.
              8) It was never worth it.
              9) Push through the whirling færgryre of ancient hatred and perversion, frantically shouting the incantation “fuck it!” while reaching through time to click the mouse.
              10) Post work-in-progress to stop the torment. Demons and jinns wail in dismay as they evaporate into the dimensions, frustrated once again in their dance of doom.
              11) Go to bed weary and defeated. Never again look on the hideous creation. It will be better to forget.

              In other words, just my normal routine.

  5. Chappell says

    I really like this guy. Am I bad person?

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