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There are now 24 comments on pg 72. Executing a Search Warrant.
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  1. Andrew M. Farrell says

    Are we getting into issues of inter-agency cooperation and its implications for custodial interrogation?

  2. Gregory Bogosian says

    Do S.W.A.T. teams usually stand in a single-file line as they break down a door?

  3. Last time I saw a SWAT team break down a door (Meth Lab) they were on both sides of it.

    & under the windows ready to pop up like deadly Jack-in-the-boxes.

    • Second time I read that (“both sides”), I figured out you meant right and left sides. The FIRST time I read it I thought it was in and out sides.

      • I would _assume_ that whenever SWAT teams are on both sides of a door they are breaking down, they are armed with paintball guns and doing some sort of training exercise. However, it would not shock me if there has been some terrible accident where this was not the case.

        • I would find that a bit surprising. Sure, SWAT teams can be sneaky when preparing to breach, but once they’re in a place, they’re rather unsubtle. The idea of another team moving on the same location without spotting the first is a bit far-fetched.

  4. EJ says

    Gotta watch the fatal funnel. One bad guy with a rifle will ruin a whole bunch of days.

  5. Jon says

    Did the… did the FBI and state cops just work together without argument?

  6. If it’s just a bunch of geeks playing D&D again I’m gonna be disappointed.

  7. Robert says

    “Watch the face, Matt”

    Is Matt the guy holding the RAM? or the guy pointing a rifle at his head?

  8. Craig! says

    I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that Matt will not watch the face.

  9. Eric H says

    If we’re nitipicking (and when aren’t we), I love the standardization of the SWAT team’s armaments. We’ve got an MP5, an M16, and a… say, what model is that gun on the far left? ;)

    • Special weapons wouldn’t be special if they all carried the same thing. I want to imagine the last one is carrying a blowgun.

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