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There are now 14 comments on pg 73. Another Arrest.
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  1. Gekko71 says

    NOW they read Miranda? They didn’t read these rights to the original collar (who’s tip-off underpins the whole factual matrix of this arrest) – how is any of the previous testimony admissible?

  2. Gregory Bogosian says

    What nationality is the surname “Tziz”?

  3. Raphael says

    I spent the last three days reading everything here. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these so clear and entertaining! The book will be a birthday gift for a lot of my friends :)

  4. WJS says

    I can see why they might want to do a no-knock here (with warning he could have burned that plan rather than binning it), but I don’t quite get why they need half a dozen guys and a ram for one middle-aged banker.

    • The thinking is, if you go in with overwhelming force without warning, it’s safer for all concerned because people are more likely to submit without any resistance. So you fill the room with frightening armed men and shout like mad to assert command.

      It works more often than not. Then again, it also fails tragically too often to ignore.

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