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Join the conversation! There are now 45 comments on this chapter's page 81. Choice Words. What are your thoughts?
  1. Jeff says

    Welp, that image is going to be in my nightmares for a while.

  2. Librarian says

    Certainly not a wise move on her part. Controlling one’s emotions is essential in these sorts of circumstances. Perhaps she can get this (in-)voluntary testimony suppressed for cause by reason of temporary insanity? She certainly looks like she’s become one possessed…

    I’m still not seeing any manner of self-identification on or by these detectives denoting their lawful jurisdiction in this case or area- is that not meaningful or relevant at all?

      • That’s true, Flavors got a paraphrase rather than a reading. I wonder how that’ll effects things.

            • It’s unlawful to make a death threat? Under which law? Or does it have to do with her loud and hateful voice?

              I know it’s certainly not a nice thing to do, but I never would have thought mere words or tone of voice could be considered criminal.

              • Try calling your local elementary school and threatening to kill kids by driving over them while they are crossing the street in front of the school. Think you’ll get ignored?

                I think the threat has to be credible.

              • True threats are considered to be an exception to the 1st Amendment. That doesn’t necessarily make them criminal, but it does mean that they can be criminalized. Moreover, assault is basically the act of placing someone in fear of imminent bodily harm. It’s debatable whether Ms. Flavors has the physical ability to carry out that harm while she’s handcuffed (ability to cause the harm being a requisite element), but take a look at that picture and tell me you wouldn’t be a bit worried she’d manage to snap the cuffs.

        • It won’t. The Court actually said in Miranda that different phrasings of the key rights were permissible and has since then upheld several different phrasings, as in California v. Prysock, Duckworth v. Eagan, and Florida v. Powell.

  3. KW says

    Interesting language from her. Upper-class upbringing?

    • I’ve heard “blood clot” is one of the strongest obscenities in Jamaica. Anyone know if that’s true elsewhere in the British-speaking world?

      • American here; I don’t think I’ve even heard of that phrase.

        Can’t hear accents on a comic page, unless the narrator says or hints.

  4. alex n says

    assuming the paraphrasing is valid, I am looking forward to learning the difference between the judge’s outburst before being mirandized, and hers after.

  5. Esurnir says

    Thank you for signing your confession :p

  6. Gregory Bogosian says

    Is the officer being sincere about how Jack is an informant? Because if he is not being sincere and Jack is a real criminal, then it seems like someone should stop him from running away right about now.

  7. Jon says

    *starts screaming in terror*

  8. Here’s the scorecard as I have it (with my guesses as to how it plays out):

    Bob Chase – Since it was an emergency situation, I think the question about the bomb’s location was allowed and can be used. His info about the heist is also fine – he’s not incriminating himself, he’s incriminating someone else. It’s going to be irrelevant, though – he’s cutting a deal.

    Dr. Synthcore – I’m not sure how his situation is going to play out at all. He wasn’t read his rights, but he was already in custody for another crime, so it may not matter…I don’t know? Taking a guess and saying his statement’s in.

    Mr. Tziz – This is another one I don’t know…he was read his rights a second time, it seems, after clearly asserting them, they read them to him again. I don’t think that cancels out the previous assertion, though, even though he’s talking again. I think the statement about the Monet is out.

    Mrs. Flavors – I’m pretty sure the Miranda is fine, as long as you get all the important info across, you don’t have to do it “by the book” (or by the card). And although she didn’t say anything, she never actually invoked her right to remain silent. And furthermore, her outburst wasn’t prompted by a question, she just lost her cool when she saw who the mole was. Her tirade is in.

    Judge Bahr – Again, his angry tirade before he was Mirandaized wasn’t prompted by a question, so it’s in. If the cops don’t ask you anything, Miranda doesn’t apply. His admission about waving the gun around, though, is out – he lawyered up explicitly.

  9. austin says

    well…she SEEMED nice….

    • “Heav’n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn’d / Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d.” –Zara, “The Mourning Bride: A Tragedy” (III.ii.509-10)

  10. Alex Wyman says

    Is there a reason to name him after a raven?

  11. Alex Wyman says

    Also, is there a reason Havran & Co. aren’t getting the Reid Technique?

      • Nathan covered the Reid Technique earlier, and a polygraph is neat but not required.

        As to why these guys aren’t getting it now, I presume it’s because they’re not trying to get confessions out of the gang at the moment – maybe that’ll happen once they’re down at the station (or whatever the equivalent is). Right now, they’re just seeing if anyone is dumb enough to^W^W^W^Wwants to talk.

    • It requires time and isolation. Luxuries these officers and agents haven’t had. Plus, we already discussed it, and there’s so much more to cover.

  12. Aieou says

    Holy crap. I hope that agent guy is trained for on-the-spot exorcisms, because it looks like Mrs. Flavors has been possessed by Satan. She’s screaming so loud that Jack’s coat loses its internal coloring and becomes an outline!

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