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Join the conversation! There are now 25 comments on this chapter's page 82. Nice Car. What are your thoughts?
  1. Librarian says

    Oh hey, a badge! (Yes I noticed) So, what happened to the previous group? Are they awaiting their hearing in custody now?

    Are criminals really as loose-lipped in reality as you’ve depicted in this comic, or are you just utilizing the contrived cases for exposition’s sake?

  2. Mark C says

    Wow, that’s a real generic badge.

  3. KW says

    As the sayings go, “With friends like these, who needs enemies…” and “Loose lips sink ships”.

    What is a Clarkson-Krewson 200? I can’t find a reference.

    Can we get some OMG hot chocolate?

    What’s that supposed to be over the door? “Yay”?

    • I’m about 90% sure “Clarkson” refers to Jeremy Clarkson, presenter on a BBC car show. Not sure about Krewson.

  4. LDD says

    I assume the name of the car is fictional. I took “Clarkson” to be a reference to Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. But “Krewson” means nothing to me.

  5. James says

    I had an experience with the law in Colorado which sort of left me deeply bothered by how legal proceedings seem to go. Believe it or not, though I am broke, I honestly do believe this is an important project for the American public…

    Some day when I’m filthy rich I’m going to start a service that sends lawyers through law school for free but in exchange has them on a semi-retainer to do pro-bono cases for the rest of their career for underpriviledged people. We’d focus on criminal first (higher incidences of longer prison sentences in the lower class isn’t just racism… it’s the simple fact that poor people cannot afford quality legal counsel!) and then move on to things like providing real-estate law consultants to lower-income (and college students).

    Ideally it’d be a situation where you never again hear about a woman advised to use a “disciplinary board” to pursue justice for rape cases or see anyone forced to live in substandard conditions that don’t even pass building codes because their landlord has them in a lock.

  6. Rufus Shinra says

    Basic lesson of life since forever, and even truer now than ever before with the surveillance done by all intelligence agencies and the omnipresence of recording systems:

    1. When in doubt, shut the -yay- up!
    2. If the situation doesn’t make you doubt, it’s a -yay- trap!

  7. shirenomad says

    Furthermore, if you don’t want the cops to know about something, don’t tell people you just met! If they’re not on your side, they can go straight to the cops and repeat what you said. If they ARE on your side, they can still be subpoenaed as a witness, and decide they aren’t going to face contempt charges over a guy they just met.

    And at least with cops, there’s a chance they screwed up somehow and your loose-lipped statement gets thrown out. With statements to your fellow citizens, there will be no such protection.

    • Telling some stranger about a clearly-illegal activity of yours just seems rude, yknow? Let people mind their own business and not get mixed up in your criminal proceedings or mafia racket.

  8. austin says

    the part i find the least believable is that there was a full service gas station.

  9. WJS says

    “Hi there random people I just met! Didja know I’m an accessory to a federal crime? I bet you didn’t, but you do now!”

    I’m just picturing him telling everybody he meets about how he got his sweet new car…

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