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  1. …but those weren’t questions. They didn’t interrogate him. They just told him why he was being arrested. He said that stuff on his own.

  2. Tualha says

    Remarkable how incompetent both the cops and the robbers are in this storyline. Of course, if they were more competent, the story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting or educational :)

  3. ANONYMOUS says

    Deep breaths are for yelling louder.

  4. Andrew M. Farrell says

    Nathan, are you channeling your own frustration at cops fumbling RICO investigations?

      • But you could be venting long-held frustrations from those dim and distant days which you had to deny until now! :P

        • Those are nothing compared to the frustrations of a defense attorney up against perverse system where everything from the rules to the players to often the clients themselves are stacked against you. No no, this poor little prosecutor hasn’t got a clue what real frustration is. I’d say her problems right now are fairly minor, in fact.

          (Then again, I mean… look at her. She does everything so enthusiastically. Maybe she’s just a little over the top in expressing herself?)

  5. Jason says

    Have I mentioned that I love meta-references and instances of breaking the fourth wall? (Seriously.)

  6. Jason says

    Side note: I submitted a question using the “Ask a Question” feature of the tumblr site. Where would I look for a posted answer, if you decided to address it?

      • This is only the first time I’ve thought to ask a question. This one struck me out of the blue but I didn’t feel like making an account.

        I mean….why, yes. Yes I am.

      • I also realized I asked my original question wrong, but there was no good question to ask in hindsight. I guess if I had an account I might get notice that you answered it (since I was thinking “how would I know when?” instead of “how would I know where?”) but thanks for letting me know just the same.

  7. Jason says

    And finally, thanks for answering my question!

  8. Aieou says

    This prosecutor is the biggest ham so far, I think. Anyone want to correct me on that?

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