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Join the conversation! There are now 11 comments on this chapter's page 111. Miranda: A Second Interrogation?. What are your thoughts?
  1. Michael says

    Hurry! I need to know how this “judge” will avoid prosecution!

        • Isn’t it at least assault? I mean you probably still need to prove intent, but it is definitely an action. Putting another in fear of an unwanted touching.

        • Indeed, I’ve not only pointed a gun at people but shot them. Real gun, automatic to boot. The bullets however were blank and the targets were participants of that exercise, not unsuspecting passers-by. Fully legal.

          Anyway Bahr clearly broke the law, I reckon.

          • I don’t think Bahr was carrying a paintball gun.

            My point (which I should have, you know, made) was that not getting Miranda’d isn’t a “get out of jail free” card. They just can’t use what you said against you. Maybe they can’t get him for the bank robbery, but they can certainly get him for anything they may have actually observed, like the possible assault. And don’t tell me you think that gun is actually licensed.

  2. Jonathan says

    “whole nother story”?? Please say you did that by accident…

  3. Aaron P says

    After poking through the pages prior to this…they didn’t actually seem to have re-mirandized the Cheese at that point. Offscreen perhaps?

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