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    • That’s what I think too!!
      Also, I think she’s not married, because “Mrs. Flavors” is an alias.

      • No wait, are aliases just anything that the criminal is ever called, not just fake names? In that case Miss Bunbury could be her maiden name, and Mrs. Flavors her name after she got married…

  1. Gregory Bogosian says

    What is that last alias? I think that it is spelled “GOZER18N.” But don’t know how to pronounce it or what it means.

  2. Jeff says

    Pi just looks so defeated. :(

    • She’s clever. I bet soon she will realize that she’s got a whole host of other evidence, a police plant that can testify that he hired him for the sting, and about 5 or 6 co-conspirators who would jump at the chance to take a plea and avoid a murder charge. She might want the statement, but she really doesn’t need it too badly to nail Bahr.

      • Oh, I’m sure she can nail Bahr on SOMETHING. But I’m less confident that she can get him on the felony murder charges – like she said, no (surviving) witnesses, no video. The moment that claim comes up at trial, Bahr’s attorney is going to be saying that Pi has no proof that the guard didn’t just overreact and start firing wildly – a tragedy, to be sure, but not something that rises to the level of felony murder. And she doesn’t have that proof.

        Recall that felony murder only applies if the crime was dangerous to begin with or the death was forseeable (see and following pages.) But without the detail that Bahr was waving around a gun, it’s much harder to prove that the crime was dangerous.

        • It’s a bank robbery. Those tend to get dangerous. Plus, Bahr had a gun on him. Still it does change it from “slam dunk” to “decent change of beating it”.

          • Without the gun, I’m not sure it would be legally be classified as “robbery” at all, because there wouldn’t be violence or intimidation involved. It would just be burglary.

            There’s an argument, though, that even burglary involves a high risk of violence (for example, that dead baby) so it might qualify for felony murder anyway. Again, I’m not really sure, though.

  3. Gregory Bogosian says

    Next to “MRS. FLAVORS” it says “A?K/A” instead of “A/K/A.”

        • It’s a common typo when someone holds the shift key down after the first A. Pi must have done that when she typed up her notes.

          • If you’re touch-typing “correctly” (or at least the way I was trained), then slash is typed using the same finger that you’d use to hold down the shift key for a capital A, which would make it pretty hard to accidentally hold it down and get a question mark.

            You’d type a capital K with the other shift key, though, which would make converting an adjacent / into a ? more plausible (could be pressing left-shift too soon rather than holding right-shift too long).

            (Ideally you’d use caps lock for the whole “A/K/A” sequence, but caps lock is used so rarely I find I have no reflexes for it and never use it unless I specifically think about it.)

            • Wait, people still take typing? Seriously, though, many only use the left pinkie for shifting. If you look at keyboards, a lot of people’s right-hand shift key is one of the least-worn keys, because it’s the least used. I’m a strictly left-pinkie shifter myself, and perhaps as a result I get accidentally shifted second letters ALl THe TIme.

              • Huh. I noticed years ago that, outside of games with controls on the left side of the keyboard, I only ever use my right shift. Maybe it’s related to where you learn to type?

  4. Michael says

    I knew it… It’s The Wire all over again.

  5. Anderkent says

    1970/01/01 – nice touch! Them 0’s creeping into our data systems.

    (1970/01/01 is represented by 0 in the most common computer time format)

    • …complicated by the fact that this appears to have been a typoed report, not a report directly from a police database system, in which case I’d expect it to have fields specifically to hold AKA info, for easy searching.

  6. KW says

    Technically, Mrs Flavors is probably NOT a psychopath. Sociopath, perhaps.

  7. I see our silent psychopath is a fan of The Importance of Being Earnest. She has good taste in theatre despite her poor life choices.

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