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  1. Y. Exeter says

    Tenner says Flavors is up the river without a paddle here. (Then again, as these things tend to be, I’m guessing it’s more complicated than that…)

    • I don’t know that it’s that complicated. Flavors didn’t say ANYTHING. You gotta invoke those rights, right? Since she never said she didn’t want to answer questions and never asked for a lawyer, I can’t see things ending well for her.

      • I think it’s simpler than that–she volunteered those statements. She wasn’t responding to police questioning.

        • Remember, interrogation is anything that they think might get an incriminating response out of you (see Even a silent action can count!) Saying “by the way, one of the members of the team was a plant” and then parading him in front of you seems like something that I would expect to get a reaction. So I think that still counts as interrogation.

          But Mrs. Flavors was informed of her Miranda rights and didn’t invoke them because she kept silent. Kind of like that guy with the weird hat from the Congressional proceedings a while back! So they were allowed to keep interrogating her – and damn, did it pay off. Full statements of what she did (and confirmation of another OTP! Time to write some fanfic!)

  2. Ariel says

    If you’re in custody, and you ask for a lawyer, and someone walks in and tells you “I am the public defender”…can you trust them? How much of a Miranda rights violation would it be for the police to pretend to be your lawyer?

        • There’s a reason that kind of thing is newsworthy, though. (Whether the linked site should be considered a reliable news source is another question, but irrelevant here.) More importantly, things like that are the reason we have these protections. The protections aren’t in place to prevent police from playing games like that, they exist so that we’re protected even when the police DO pull that kind of happy horseshit.

  3. Alex Wyman says

    Wait, if she is really the only one of the crew left… was Havran actually a rat? Was that not just the feds trying to milk a confession out of Flavors?

    • Of course they were. And if I’m reading the last panel right, she just figured it out. It could be read that she’s talking about falling for a sting of course, but it seems more likely she just realized that he lied about there being an informant.

  4. Ann Onymous says

    It think she was going to say, “I fell in love with a rat.” :P

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