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  1. Oddstar says

    Okay, so either Jeff was right in his comment to the previous strip, and this is a prearranged meeting, or Mrs. Flavors, in addition to all her other talents, is also a very good detective. How did she track him down so quickly?

    Also, I have a question about something that’s been bugging me. Back when we saw the first part of this story in the section on conspiracy, it seemed like Havran recruited more people than he really needed for this caper. Bahr’s distraction wasn’t needed, and Ledway sped off without them, making him pretty useless too. Since the plan was for Havran and Flavors to be able to walk out of the bank as if nothing was wrong, as they did, having Bahr and Ledway along seemed completely superfluous. Recruiting more people than needed for the crime has made a lot more sense since we learned that Havran was working for the feds all along. If you are going to have an informant recruit people for a crime just so you can arrest them, maybe it makes sense to recruit as many suspected criminals as possible. It bothers me, though. I know it’s not legally entrapment, but it still doesn’t feel right to me.

    • Wooo! I’m a genius! Maybe.

      So, ignore for the moment the fact that Havran was working with the feds (maybe? double cross?) Yes, the plan was for Havran and Flavors to walk out with the Macguffin. But they would have been fools to not have backups in case something went wrong. Bahr and Ledway were those backups – someone to act as lookout (which turned out to be very important when the guard went back to his post early!), and someone to provide a quick getaway in case it was needed. (Yes, Ledway GTFOed when things were going bad, but that wasn’t part of the plan.)

      • Except what difference did it make whether the guard was at his post? Flavors went to the restroom and crawled through a duct from there into the vault and back out again the same way. How was the guard, out in the main area of the bank, going to see her, at his post or not? Bahr almost certainly made things worse by waving his gun around when Havran and Flavors were able to just walk out calmly. Also, from the point of view of an actual criminal, having more people involved in the heist is more people you have to split the loot with.

        • Where was the guard’s actual post? I don’t know that that was specifically established – maybe he was supposed to be guarding the vault?

        • If the guard isn’t paying attention, he’s not aware that Mrs. Flavors is spending an unusually long time making a deposit in the bathroom.

    • Yep, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if those two are actually working together since the beginning, with him giving the lady whatever tool she needed to escape at the very moment she was arrested, while she gives him an out by making it look like she killed him.

    • This bugs me for a different reason — it feels like they went far over the line: an innocent person was killed. It’s quite clear that the death would not have occurred if the plan hadn’t been created in the first place.

  2. Jon D says

    No idea if this is intentional, but Flavors swimsuit reminds me a lot of the iconic yellow outfit Uma Thurman wore in Kill Bill… A subtle nod to Flavors embarking on a “roaring rampage of revenge”?

  3. Jeremy says

    I’ve still got Portal on the brain from the escape on the last page.

    “There you are…”


    “Are you still there?”

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