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Join the conversation! There are now 5 comments on this chapter's page 123. Who’s Playing Who?. What are your thoughts?
  1. Robert says

    Sure, the cops are never going to figure it out… and yet it was so obvious of a possibility. He’s too eager, for no benefit, and of said supposed reputation. That just screams set-up. Any cop worth having around would have been suspicious beyond merely whether the situation worked out, especially sending an elite robber into a bank vault.
    I would have had the guy tailed, and have given him orders not to leave the country. While that would not prevent her escape, both he, and the loot, would be held in safekeeping… and maybe her.

    These two think far too much of their own intellect, and far too little of anybody else’s.

    • Well the benefit for him was to be let go. I’m assuming it was him trying to get out of other trouble.
      As for the loot the previous page said it was fake.

  2. Robert Montrose says

    Quite a feat nonetheless. These two would make great spies for some government.

    • …not really.

      Sure, they have relevant skills, but they’d be pretty terrible at taking orders, and I doubt such jobs would provide many incentives they were interested in. Also, *way* too much work.

      • Yeah, much better to just arrange for them to be in some country you don’t much like and let their nature take its course. After all, crime is only bad if it happens to you! /s

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