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There are now 20 comments on pg 6. Life Passes….
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  1. I dunno. This is a pretty comprehensive list.

    It’s even got “DNA” on it already…

  2. Oddstar says

    You seem to have left out the collapse of the Soviet Union. You mention the Berlin Wall, presumably alluding to its fall, but that happened in 1989; the USSR did not collapse until late 1991. You also seem to have left out the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre.

  3. Raen says

    If the conviction was in 1985/early 1986, aren’t a few of these things still ahead? (The Arab Spring caught my eye, at 12/10, but Occupy was 09/11, unless you count Tahrir Square in January…)

  4. skrelk says

    You missed an O in MMRPG, should be MMORPG.

    Also, great presentation of the consequences of a potentially wrongful conviction

  5. Sean Rice says

    Large Hadron Collider, Anime, Space-X, WebComics, Gay Rights, all the other Presidents that you didn’t list

  6. Y. Exeter says

    Well, it’s modern times, so more those funny little annual JibJab retrospective music videos they put together.

  7. Y. Exeter says

    …and this was meant to be a reply to another comment. I’m not entirely sure why it didn’t stick. Huh.

  8. Rufus Shinra says

    Well, at least he avoided the Star Wars prequel. Everything ain’t that bad, see?

    *hides away*

  9. Rich says

    What else did he miss out on? Just freedom, liberty, and self-determination, though I concede that was be the unwritten point.

  10. Robert Adrian says

    The media frenzy that was the death of Diana Frances, Princess of Wales. The royal wedding and baby. The Geekdom golden child of Joss Whedon. The revival of Star Trek for several series and films, and reboot. Baggy jeans. Sir Mix-A-Lot. Boy Bands. Instant Messaging. SMS Texting. Sexting. Schindler’s List. Brokeback Mountain.

    And, of course, Webcomics. ;)

  11. Since I was there for it the Loma Prieta earthquake pops to mind.

    He also missed out on the joys of dealing with the Tea Party, but that is mostly an after effect of Obama’s being president.

    Pretty strict sentence for a rape, unless it wasn’t his first.

  12. Pixar, Star Wars, Internet, 9/11, Mars… yeah, I’d say that’s pretty much everything.

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