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  1. The second frame might be one of the best things I’ve seen you draw.


    An engineer who still owns his own set of Tinkertoys

  2. I used to work as a draftsman using AutoCAD & one of my background LiSP files looked almost exactly like that second panel, only without the color. I remember that bugger was a real bear to program, but it looked cool & I made a few bucks selling the code to other draftsmen.

      • there appears to be some sort of connection error at the centre connection point of two nodes. The fourth most prominent disc node with a green and blue rod connecting to the centre point and below that a blue and yellow rod connecting to the centre point of the node behind the disc oriented perpendicular to the viewing plane. Tinker toys do not allow for multiple connections at the centre of the disc nodes and I realize that these small details in no way detracts from the effort and purpose of the image and likely only bothers me alone very very very much.

        • Dang it, now I can’t unsee that. Or the one below it with the blue and yellow. (sorry Nathan, still awesome art though – how you have time to be a lawyer *and* write these lessons *and* illustrate them is beyond me)

        • It’s what I call a “Dammit I Probably Should Have Inspected That” error. I’d started drawing the rod before seeing where it was going to wind up, and then I was like I’ll be damned if I’m going to go back and erase it. In fact, I’m gonna repeat it!

          (I could have just said “artistic license,” but I can’t lie to you guys.)

  3. Jon says

    And here lies the problem, doesn’t it? To use the example you provided, Amy’s brain cares more about the general characteristics than the specific guy. It cares more about avoiding that area or those circumstances in the future.

    Am I on/off the mark here?

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