Our brains make memories by physically making connections between neurons. Neurons get excited by particular sensations, and in turn excite other neurons to which they are connected. A memory is a pattern of neurons that get excited together.

I promise, there will be no math or molecular biology in this chapter. Silly pictures only. No Nernst equations, no Cable Theory, no chemistry… which is a shame, because it’s actually a lot of fun. If you want to geek out on some of the details, here is an excellent freshman-level course that’s free to take online.

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  1. silenthuntervanguard says

    Your neurons are so adorable!

  2. Dang, and to think that I thought I could come here for all of my Hebbian learning needs…

  3. Good. I have a test on Nernst equations and whatnot today; I don’t need any more.

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