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  1. Ariel says

    Is that a little gray alien walking past the bear?

  2. Looke like a GREEN alien to me. :-)

    I didn’t pay it much attention before you mentioned it. Maybe that’s Nathan’s point.

  3. Gregory Bogosian says

    Is the alien running away from the bear?

    • I’m sure there’s a correlation between AD(H)D symptoms and perception. The first time I saw a similar presentation I was appalled at the lack of perception of my colleagues. “Why can’t you get the answer(s) right? I know I did.”

      This experience convinced me that AD(H)D is a behavioral adaptation that, though perhaps more challenging in our sedentary world, could have been selected for in a hunter-gatherer-predator-prey world.

  4. I’m guessing it’s one of those aliens from Signs, right?

    That was a touch of genius, really, I’m applauding it inside.

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