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Join the conversation! There are now 25 comments on this chapter's page 14. Did You Notice?. What are your thoughts?
  1. Out of curiosity, is this 100% based on your own experience with cases, or did you ask a specialist to proof it?

    Not intended to be critical; it all seems to match what I’ve read (and makes sense, too; things which don’t make sense to me usually end up being overturned later. As an example which probably applies to everyone, I’m glad that it looks like quantum physics now has a competing theory being developed which doesn’t ask everyone to believe that the universe basically has magic guts; I suspect it’ll also help with dark matter and dark energy:

    Are you going to throw in a mention of hyperthymesia and now-discredited eidetic (photographic) memory?

    • What does quantum physics have to do with neurons or memory? And the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics is hardly new.

      • I was using quantum physics as an example of something which didn’t make sense to me. And, don’t be so quick to say that it has nothing to do with memory; it was announced a few months ago that photosynthesis is based upon quantum mechanics. Who’s to say that it won’t be found to be involved in memory?

        • Quantum mechanics does indeed pop up in strange places. The role of QM in photosynthesis wasn’t first announced a couple months ago though. I was working in a lab that was in on the ground floor of this discovery back in 2010. It was suspected by specialists a few years before that. It’s not 100% clear how big a role in has in plants, but it is very significant in photosynthetic single cell organisms.

    • While this is a significant improvement for many worlds interpretations of quantum mechanics, it leaves the fundamental results unchanged (so no change to dark matter etc.). Secondly even the most complex models of neurons don’t need quantum mechanics so I’m not sure why you think this is relevant to memory.

  2. Gregory Bogosian says

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who always contemplates violence when surprised.

  3. Shouldn’t the bottom frame on the left be “does take notice” not “takes?”

  4. Did you go “out of your way” to draw the most detail-laden perp you could put to paper? Heterochromia, Confederate flag t-shirt, a necklace that might or might not have his name on it, but a name that is certainly outside of the mean either way.

    Full disclosure though: I have never had another human being point a gun at me, so I can’t say that I’ve been in a position of having to notice details other than the one that is threatening to take my life. Never having been put to the test as it were, I’m not questioning what you’re saying. I’m just positing that this guy would seem to be a dream to have in a line-up.

    In that sense, I continue to enjoy the graphical style that you use to represent the difference between “what you might have noticed” and “what you did notice.”

    • I am pretty sure that the point is to draw the most detail-laden perpetrator possible. It shows that all of those details can still escape notice during an actual crime because of the stress of being a victim.

      • Also, imagine the witness that didn’t notice the heterochromia. Defense counsel would tear them apart –
        Q: What color was the assailant’s eyes?
        A: I don’t remember.
        Q: Did you know that the defendant has one eye a different color than the other?
        A: I did not.
        Q: In your experience, is that something out of the ordinary?
        A: I suppose.
        Q: Do you always ignore significant details like that?
        [objection maybe, withdrawn maybe, point made maybe]

        I guess that could be addressed on redirect, though. Or maybe I’ve been watching too much L&O, heheh. I’ve always wondered how much drama you can really get away with on cross.

  5. silenthuntervanguard says

    LOL is that guy mugging Jesus Christ?

  6. LookielouE1707 says

    Kind of hard to do a fair lineup with this guy.

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