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  1. I definitely see a spin-off: “The (Further) Adventures of Hippie the Hippocampus.”

    • There’s plenty of material for one! And that’s just counting the stuff we think we know — so much of it is still the subject of active research. I won’t even begin to scratch the surface here.

      • The seahorse, from the GREEK hippos meaning “horse” and kampos meaning “sea monster”

        Greek Nathan, it’s GREEK!

        • BLAST! If it had been spelled “hippokampos” I would have gotten it right. Stupid Latin and its “c”s and “us”es confusing me.

          Fixed. Thanks!

          • It’s a common mistake. Many of the words we’ve borrowed from Greek come to us by way of Latin and get “Latinized” along the way – e.g. the Greek κ gets transformed into a Latin c and the Greek -ος case ending gets transformed into the Latin -us case ending – so they’re often mistaken for Latin words. That’s why so many people mistakenly pluralize “octopus” as “octopi”.

              • And someone who just wants to start an argument would reply “it’s an English word — and has been since, like, forever — and so the proper plural is ‘octopuses’ and in fact that is the usage that is insisted upon in most English-language scientific journals. So nyah.”

                But I don’t want to start an argument. (Heavens forfend!) So you didn’t hear it from me.

  2. LDD says

    Have you seen the Ramirez paper on creating a false memory in mice by activating specific neurons? They detected the set of neurons that remember a particular context, and activated them during “fear conditioning” in a different context. The mouse then reacted to the original context as though it were getting shocked there.

    • Yes, it’s very cool! And researchers have done some very cool stuff in the opposite direction as well… but I’ll be getting to both things in a few more pages, so I won’t say more here. No spoilers!

  3. Remember, kids: Hippie the Hippocampus says that the stuff you learn in school isn’t worth remembering! Go eat ice cream instead!

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