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  1. Nathan, I saw your tweet (it was below) about Samsung TV eavesdropping, and wondering why it’s an issue:
    1. Everyone reads the privacy policy except Kyle Brovlosky.
    2. Siri-ously, cell phones have been doing the exact same thing in the exact same way for years now, and they have virtually the same statement.

  2. LDD says

    Which one is the girl on the beach? Mrs. Flavors? Pi, in her wild college days?

    • Neither. Ms. Flavors would have escaped prison and Pi would have had the benefit of prosecutorial discretion.

      • You’re either misunderstanding LDD’s question or, possibly, making a joke I don’t get.

        LDD’s not asking whether person A is the same person as person B or C. He’s asking which of the people pictured in the strip he’s commenting on are A, B, and C (understood to be three distinct people).

        I don’t think any of those characters are actually in this strip. However, when a cartoonist uses a line like “EVERYONE was there”, one pretty much assumes he’s going to actually draw in a bunch of other recognizable characters from the strip, if only as an in-joke.

        • Oh huh, I didn’t think of that reading. I’m either misunderstanding LDD’s question or you are.

            • I was reading “everyone” as “other characters in the strip”. Not that any of them jumped out at me. But it would have been cute, recalling all those easter eggs in the background in some of the images.

              • The first draft was like that, believe it or not, but I scrapped it for fear of being too much of the same schtick. Wrong decision?

                • I don’t think it’s a big deal either way. I mean, there was a time when that sort of thing was clever but everything nowadays has that kind of post-modern self-awareness to it. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a really predictable, obvious joke to make – to the point where, as you can see, it’s mildly surprising NOT to see it. Which might be a good reason for leaving it out.

  3. Jeffrey says

    When suddenly…

    It turned out Matt was a pyrokinetic. Everyone then died except the kindly gym teacher.

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