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  1. No law for pages and pages, yet still highly entertaining and educational!

      • No, I wasn’t criticizing, just commenting that you’re being your normal educational self, and doing it in an entertaining way. We know it’s all relevant, although if you decided to take a trip through la-la land, I suspect few would complain.

  2. LordCrowstaff says

    Is it just me, or does the leg of the girl in the orange dress look REALLY weird?

    Anyway, great comic, everyday I’m waiting for more. And I’m not even American.

      • It’s not inaccurate – strikes me as one of those “it would actually look that that in reality, but it’s hard to understand as a drawing” kind of situations. I’d rotate it a clockwise a bit so you can see the shape of the heel.

      • I think the issue is the length, her leg was running further along the table in the original so the foot should be further right with more leg on it. If you look at where her heel would be and where her knee is, you’ve kind of forgotten her shin.

      • Probably a good point about how two different viewpoints can depict something totally different, while both trying to be faithful to what they saw. So in a way, it fits :-)

      • I agree with SPACKlick, I think it would look better to run parallel to the table. That’s what I perceived when looking at the original. if you think the current is more accurate, I’d say add a shadow to give the impression of distance.

  3. silenthuntervanguard says

    Do you think the law should disallow all witness testimony then? Or is there some better way to handle it than the law currently does? It seems unfair that memory is allowed in court, if it’s so changeable.

    • the problem, i think, isn’t allowing witness testimony, it’s the fact that people think it’s so much more reliable than it is. people are, by and large, the most unreliable source of evidence short of a magic 8 ball. we misremember, purposefully lie, make things up without even trying.

      that doesn’t mean that testimony is useless only that it should be taken with a grain of salt at all times and empirical evidence should be favoured any time it conflicts with witness testimony. sadly juries tend to think the exact opposite.

  4. Yellowstone10 says

    Jake appears to be a Kaiser Chiefs fan…

  5. Ann Onymous says

    So apparently Eric didn’t even get burned at all, he just hit his hand. In that case, I find it hard to believe that the rumor that he got burned went around for weeks without being corrected. It’d make sense if the point of confusion was only whether he fell or was pushed, but if his hand wasn’t physically burned, that’d be proof that it didn’t touch the fire. If Eric just letting this rumor go on in order to harm Matt’s reputation?? The plot thickens…

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