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  1. blaisepascal2014 says

    Of course that’s a false reconstruction, the distances to Arkham and Castle Rock don’t make sense. Both Castle Rock and Arkham are north of Boston, and Castle Rock is about 180 miles north.

    • Picture yourself driving in Essex County, heading northeast on an eldritch highway in your go-devil while singing the Cephalopods’ fight song. Do the distances make sense to you now?

      • Not really. It makes sense for Arkham, but the highway would have to be really eldritch to be nearly 200 miles to Castle Rock. King describes Castle Rock as 37 miles from Portland, and it’s only about 90 miles from Ipswitch (a near neighbor of Innmouth) to Portland, so Arkham can only be 140 miles, tops, from Castle Rock.

        (I’m the same guy as blaisepascal2014)

  2. Tim says

    References to Batman and Stephen King?

    • Batman’s Arkham is a reference to Lovecraft. Arkham Massachusetts, home of Miskatonic University.

  3. LDD says

    Hm. The weapons van, smoke screen, oil slick, machine guns, and missiles buttons give me a Spy Hunter vibe. But the screen doesn’t come from that game. Exactly what video game are we looking at on the dash?

  4. Halo says

    Is…Is that a Night Vale logo on the truck?

    • The Sheriff’s Secret Police have asked that you come down to their offices and explain why you would think that.

      Well… not “asked,” exactly.

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