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  1. I just finished reading all the archives of this comic a couple days ago. I have learned SO MUCH. In fact, thanks to the 4th amendment discussion here, I fully and totally understood the Supreme Court decision in Rodriguez yesterday. Thank you!

  2. Jeff B says

    “Oh crap, where did that motorcycle come from?”
    — many people in many places, many times a day

  3. When I first learnt about my blind spot, I spent several months getting all my friends to stare awkwardly at their fingers held at arm’s length until they saw it too. No-one else seemed as excited or as interested in it as I did though. The brain’s seamless perception is amazing!! Even if it means we sometimes miss important things.

    • If you stand in the dark and put a slim glowstick 3-5 meters away from you on the ground and stare out it keeps looking like someone walked between you and it because as your eyes flick round the glowstick disappears which is enough of a change in contrast for your brain to fail to seamlessly cover it.

    • My favorite is using an “ultraviolet” light (has lots of violet, like most), to watch white blood cells slowly squeeze their way through the capillaries.

  4. Sean says

    This is a very good argument for not turning your stereo up so high it drowns out traffic.

    • Also for purposefully moving your head and eyes for scanning around. Also for never staying in a potential blind spot of another vehicle. And high visibility gear. And defensive driving (riding, as the case may be).

        • Yeah, I just turn my headlights on whenever I drive anymore. It constantly amazes me when people don’t turn on their lights in heavy rain, dusk, dawn, or other potential visibility impaired situations. It’s even worse for bicycling, since visibility is really the only defense we’ve got.

  5. Rich says

    Which tower defense game is he playing on that stereo?

  6. Bill says

    I assume it was intentional that the car in the rear-view mirror was grey on the previous page, missing in the blurry image, and yellow in the “real” image.

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