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Join the conversation! There are now 9 comments on this chapter's page 45. What’s Different?. What are your thoughts?
  1. Jeff B says

    So… Janie is the quest giver from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate?

  2. Waffle Sorter says

    This would be why a lot of western people have so much trouble distinguishing between the East Asian ethnicities, or why some people feel that members of [insert group] “all look the same”?

  3. Ben M. says

    What about studies that seem to prove that someone from one race has difficulty distinguishing faces of people from another race? That seems to be the opposite of what you’re saying here.

    • I don’t think that really says the opposite. The key word is “diagnostic features”.

      Say you’re Race Q, and you see mostly Q faces. You’re going to learn to pay attention to the things that tend to vary between faces that are Q. Now, it turns out that folks from Race Z have lips that are VERY different from Q lips. But Q lips tend to all be pretty much the same between Q folks. Since you’ve only had exposure to Q faces, your brain’s model says “ignore the lips, you don’t get any useful distinguishing information from them”. Lips are not a diagnostic feature in your mental model, so you just kind of pass over them.

  4. Alex says

    I am reminded of Moist Von Lipwig.

  5. Kereth Midknight says

    Oh hey, Doodle came back pretty quick after those comments earlier.

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