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  1. john says

    One of the cases I heard as a juror was a civil suit where a lady who recently retired claimed to have hurt her back at work. When we had heard everything, I was chosen by my peers to be the foreman. We argued for over an hour before the first vote, which went in favor of the lady. We argued for another hour, and we were tied. I said something like, this is bullshit; that lady realized she was hurt after she found out how small her pension would be. We awarded the lady the amount of her medical expenses, to the penny. If looks of the lady’s attorney could kill, the jury would have been smoking piles of slag.

  2. Doug says

    This one isn’t universally true. In many counties in California, it is standard practice to give the jury printed copies of all legal instructions read by the judge, which they can consult at any time during their deliberations. I am guessing this happens in other jurisdictions as well, but I know it happens in California.

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