The lineup or photo array as an experiment: When the suspect is present in the lineup, he is treated as the test group, and the fillers are treated as the control group. If the witness picks the suspect, then the experiment supports the hypothesis.

A LOT of you have asked for posters of various stuff from the comic. I aim to please! So I’ve started with a couple from the Fourth Amendment Flowchart and the Was It Rape? comment. Both of them will be at my booth at New York Comic Con next week, plus I’ll be giving away stickers with the Miranda Magic Words.

If you’ll be there, come on by and say hi!

Fourth Amendment Flowchart poster, Was It Rape poster, and Miranda Magic Words stickers

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  1. Has anyone ever told you you’re brilliant? This is one of my favourite comics ever!

  2. Thanks, partly to at least, you: I want to become a SCOTUS justice. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful, even if it could use a tasty dose of logic from the mathemagical community, world of law!

  3. Chug says

    I hope I never witness a crime. I have a perfectly horrific visual memory even under the best conditions. Under stress I may not be able to identify even obvious gender or race.

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