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  1. UsaSatsui says

    It’s like a “greatest hits” compilation this last few pages…

  2. SeanR says

    I, vaguely, remember being taught this is how to present an argument.
    Open with your points in order. Expand on them. Summarize. Looks like we’re wrapping up.
    Of course, it’s been too many years since I’ve been taught that, so I could be way off base.

    Where’d you get the marble texture? And what are you using for the hair and dress? And sash?
    I’m still greatly enjoying this comic.

    • Yup, wrapping up Crim Pro 1, and trying to tie things together as I go. Although a ton of law students and such read this, my target audience is still high school kids, and it’s nice every now and then to go “see? You already know this. See how it works here?” Reinforcement and application and all that.

      Most textures I’ve made myself, but some (like the dress: patinaed bronze or some such) I’ve bought and paid fer. There’s a ton of artists out there making good stuff, and I like to think I’ve bought a few of them at least a drink or a nice meal.

  3. This is absolutely terrifying. For everyone. The police, who could easily trust an honest but inaccurate witness account, and get someone imprisoned or even killed as a result. For the victims and witnesses, who have to deal with all of that AND the fact that they can’t even trust their own minds to boot. And for any would-be suspects (so basically anyone who isn’t quadriplegic or dead), since the person accusing them of some horrific crime might really believe they did it, and might be so certain that they would never believe the awful truth.

    If things are this bad now, can you imagine what criminal justice was like a few hundred years ago when witness testimony was the only evidence people had?

  4. Librarian says

    This is why it’s better to not “catch the purp!” when the alternative is convicting an innocent. “Innocent until proven guilty,” “burden of proof,” “beyond a reasonable doubt” and all that.

    But “le gasp!” don’t tell that to society, or they’ll throw you right on in there along with all the other victims of their hubris.

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