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  1. Let me guess, the police sketch reinforces the wrong image in the witness’s mind, so they start comparing suspects to the sketch instead of to the image they had in their head?

  2. Gregory Bogosian says

    Why does lab-coat guy think that most show ups are good? Is it just because he doesn’t want to admit that he and all the other cops rely on procedures that are at least as likely to produce erroneous results as they are to produce accurate results? Is there an actual argument for why show-ups are good that we haven’t gotten to? Because it seems like unless the cops get the right guy the first time a show-up is guaranteed to alter the witnesses memory and stop them from catching the real perp.

    • Cop Math is pretty straightforward when it comes to things like this. They did a show-up, the witness positively IDed the suspect, and there was enough information and evidence to get a conviction. Therefore, they must’ve caught the right guy. From the cop’s perspective, it’s hard enough to get a conviction on the right person, much less the wrong one. It’s confirmation bias again: The cops are only ever really exposed to the barriers to conviction, so the barriers are all they see.

  3. Alex says

    Even with the new comics out, this one has no next link…

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