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  1. Gregory T. Bogosian says

    So did they use the show up to help decide to put the first suspect in the photo array? Or were they going to put him in the photo array as long as the victim regained consciousness anyway and the victim just happened to regain consciousness right after the show up produced a positive i.d.?

  2. Burke says

    I’m curious, and I’m not sure if I’m remembering this right from the section on Miranda rights: would the suspect in this (or a similar) instance have needed to be apprised of his rights to silence and counsel in order to be put in a show-up or photo lineup?

    We didn’t see the cops Mirandize the suspect a page or two ago, but this is also an example of how police get it wrong, so you could have been deliberately leaving it out as a missed point of procedure, or it could have been such a routine part of the arrest that it wasn’t worth spending page space on.

  3. Jeff B says

    Oooooh, check out that gripping (and informative!) crime drama playing on the TV.

    Also, wow, a lot of people are into the beanie/jacket look this season.

  4. The back of the magazine is (mostly) legible – be sure to read it!

  5. UsaSatsui says

    Actually saw a real life “OMG Bagels” shop today. The brand is expanding…

  6. Guy M. says

    There is a guy with the same description in the second frame. They got the wrong guy! Nicely done.

    • There’s a guy with the same description, or a similar one, in the first panel, too. The colored-in figure on the left side of the panel.

  7. Stuart Armstrong says

    Thanks for your great work! Any way of giving you a one-off donation? A small one, sorry :-(

    • Thanks, I really appreciate it!

      I’m a lawyer, and we do make it ridiculously easy for people to pay us — I take checks, cash, PayPal, credit cards, cookies, first-born children, gift cards… you name it. But I’d be just as happy if you told a friend about the comic, or shared a pint or two next time I’m out your way. (And if you’re who I think you are, that might be worth the trip itself.)

        • But who in their right mind wants anyone else’s soul? You can’t eat it, you can’t buy movie tickets with it — all they do is gum up your closet and get ectoplasm all over your nice coats. And you don’t even get the damned thing until they’re dead. Half the time, they’ve already sold it or promised it to some demon or other anyway, so even if you were stupid enough to want it you get the shaft. Souls? No thank you.

      • Well, I’ve already been facebooking some key elements from your comics (interesting response: some UK police officers confirmed that the British interrogation tactics are very different, focused on getting the suspect to volunteer information rather than confessions), and will continue to do so.

        >And if you’re who I think you are, that might be worth the trip itself.

        I hope I don’t disappoint you on that front, but I can only be myself! But thanks, from me, or from the me-you-think-I-am ;-)

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