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  1. A says

    While I understand that you need to be a Patreon supporter to get high res, the “free” version should at least be readable (which worked great so far). I’m legitimately unable to read parts of the right half of the page.

    • The panels on the right have been posted before, starting from , so you can go over and read the text in the archives.

      But the way this page is laid out, it’s not obvious that those panels have been posted before and you can read the text in archives. Perhaps removing the text and adding a note would work?

    • There’s also been some regular pages I couldn’t read a few episodes ago. I had to use zoom on my browser and gave myself a headache.

      • I figured out the problem: WordPress.

        The page width is 700 pixels, so I’ve been uploading pages that are 700 px wide. Until recently, they were coming through crisp and clear, but then all of a sudden they started looking blurry and very low-res. The latest update to WordPress changed how they display images, for reasons unknown. Apparently they felt the need to slap a shittiness filter in there.

        To get around their shittiness filter, I had to go back and re-load each page with the original 2800 px image, and use the width attribute to let your browser resize them to fit the page.

        Pain in the ass, but it seems to have done the trick.

    • This is something I do fairly often: when referencing a concept that came up previously, I paste in the relevant panels to jog (and reinforce) the memory.

      Obviously, this only works if you remember seeing the earlier panels in the first place. Perhaps I’m presuming too much?

      • It’s not that you’re presuming too much. Many people will remember seeing the earlier panels. But they won’t remember every word. And it is clear that there are lots of words in the panels, yet they are too small to read.

        It is natural for people to try to read the tiny words, both because written words demand to be read, and because they may be important to the point you’re making. You may only be using the past panels to point to a general idea, but your readers don’t know that. For all they know, every word is important–if a word isn’t important, they expect it to be left out.

        Thanks for adding the links at the bottom; this more-or-less solves the problem by allowing everyone to quickly see what was being remembered (and for some people, to see them for the first time.)

    • While it’s shrunken for display, if you open the image itself (e.g. in Chrome, you can right-click it and select “Open image in new tab”) you can see it full-size, and it’s enormous.

      But that might be because I’m reading these well after the fact, so maybe Mr. Burney is adding the high-res Patreon versions after a while.

  2. B.J. says

    Is there a way to link the second half to the original archive pages?

    Also, Nathan? Have you ever been in an actual trial or pretrial that was this much of a circus? Because I’m loving it.

    • HTML allows using an image map, which would make a section of an image serve as a clickable hyperlink to a different page.
      However, Nate seems to be using some publishing system, and it’s not clear whether it allows such thing.

  3. SPACKlick says

    God damn April Fools!, Is there a way of flipping it back?

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