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There are now 11 comments on pg 73. The Hitch.
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  1. Charlie says

    That took a dark turn…

  2. Olivia says

    Boy, that escalated quickly.

  3. Neolithicman says

    Man, you really hate little kids

  4. Legion says

    Bahr has the quite classic thug’s characteristic: poor impulse control.

  5. Tim says

    Suddenly, this sounds like a law exam question.

  6. Jeff says

    And now I suppose they’re all going to get nailed with felony murder. Despite that charge being inherently unfair, disproportional with punishment (treating what should be manslaughter as equivalent to first degree murder, and setting a much lower bar to convict for it), quite possibly being unconstitutional (specifically violating the 8th and 14th amendments), and unfairly treating intent to commit a crime, such as robbery in this case, as equivalent to intent to murder. And the points I brought up are only SOME of the problems with felony murder; there’s many more.

  7. Das Perkele says

    You like killing ’em children in these sessions of yours.

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