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  1. Cyrus Nash says

    Mike Duncan’s *Revolutions* podcast ( has some good episodes on the history of this era (#29-31), in case you’re interested in more detail than is entirely germane to the legal side of things.

  2. That’s one of the weirdest parts for a modern interpreter who pays attention to conservative parties:

    The constitution was literally written because “wow this weak central government shit doesn’t work.”


    Many of the founders of the various state governments would have been familiar with Roman history and wary of the ways its’ republic fell. This video explains one set of conditions that are relevant to the way they would see events you will soon cover (no spoilers).

  4. Also, the guy in Red is clearly Hamilton, but I don’t know any of the other attendees besides Madison and don’t recognise him.

  5. Raen says

    …aaand now I’ve got three hours of music playing on loop in my head again. Thanks, Nathan.

  6. UsaSatsui says

    “…and then Hamilton said, ‘Shit’s broken, yo’. …yes, he did. Yes, it’s true. A lawyer told me.”

  7. David Argall says

    Hamilton presumably said so, in more upper class terms, and the others present may well have thought so, but no everybody was so sure. Indeed, the situation was more one of disappointment that victory did not mean things would be wonderful than that the situation was unreasonably terrible in ways the government could fix. Disruption and bad times at the end of a war are not unusual, and trade with England was now trade with a foreign country that tried to hamper foreign competition. Overall, the Confederation got a lot more bad press than it deserved.

    • “This situation where things are not working is right balderdash, my good men”?

      It wasn’t a bad government, it was worse – an impotent government. It was given duties, but no tools to carry them out with. As said on the next page, the inability to raise money was a HUGE problem, especially when it came to putting down rebellions of their own.

      The intent of the meeting was to fix the Confederation, but as it turned out, they realized it was far too broken to fix.

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