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  1. KW says

    Perhaps some discussion here? Consider the saying “If you don’t do something, who will?”. There are guards and cameras here, but what of a situation where there are not? At the very least, one is generally considered to have a responsibility to report crime.

    • You may be right from a moral standpoint, but not from a legal one.
      Also, ask your favorite policeman/woman, they generally would rather you only called 911, took video, and stayed out of the way, than trying to be a hero during a robbery. Until someone actually fires a gun, civilians should just keep their heads down.

      • I don’t think he’s right even from a moral standpoint. Your typical robber doesn’t want to shoot anyone, he’d much rather just take the loot and run. If you start shooting at him though, you greatly increase the chance someone is going to get killed, and there’s no guarantee it will be him.

  2. Dhamon says

    Always stay out of the way of a robberies and such, most places are insured against theft and would get the money back from the insurance company (I think insurance is a type of gambling really, but one where you bet against yourself, so to say, expecting to crash or get robbed).

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